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Spring Break Learning Can Be Fun!

“In like a lion, out like a lamb”. Have your kids ever heard this old saying about March? Dating all the way back to the 17th Century, it was undoubtedly meant to give people hope that winter was almost over—and it is! After wishing and waiting since winter break, spring vacation is finally in sight. Students of all ages are looking forward to an escape from the daily grind of school: waking up early, sitting through lectures, taking tests, doing homework, and getting up the next day to do it all again.

Spring break

Spring Break!


But, spring break may not be all about fun and games. Some teachers give assignments during the break (much to the consternation of their students. And if they don’t, some parents worry that a week of non-stop games and hanging out with friends may unravel the learning habits their kids have built up through the school year.

Worry not! We have some ideas to keep spring break relaxed and refreshing while still keeping those young brains sharp and primed for learning.

1. Learning on their own

If you can handle the timing and transportation a short break program from your local Y or city recreation department may be an option.

If not, look for something closer to home. Kids can do what they consider to be fun activities (like playing video games), but with a little push to take a do-it-yourself perspective, it can become a learning activity. This DIY approach builds critical thinking skills as well as the confidence and pride from accomplishing something. Looking for inspirations? Check out our fun ideas for learning during breaks and don’t forget to share it with your middle/high school kids!

2. Learning with parents

Learning with your child is a great way to deepen your relationship and maybe even learn something yourself. And yes, there is the added benefit of being a role model. Spring breaks are pretty short, so this may not be the time to try to master a new language with your child, but there are plenty of other opportunities if you look for them.

Some ideas: read and discuss a book together (advanced credit: write a short, short story!), do a puzzle a day, research something you and your child both care about, learn about how your car engine works, or create a journal if you’re taking a trip. If you’re up to it, you could even take on something academic together (what is nanotechnology all about?) Or ask to be invited to join one of your kid’s DIY projects! The opportunities are endless if the desire is real.

3. Take it online

While spring vacation may be a break from school, it might not be a break from academics. First, there might be assignments from the afore-mentioned teachers eliciting dramatic groans from their students. There’s nothing more to be said here than “just do it”.

There is another need: some kids may need to catch up on a key topic. Maybe their teacher recommended reviewing solving equations or practicing developing thesis statements. There are many online sources where your child can find concepts and practice problems in video and other forms to view, download and learn on their own. Your child’s teacher may be able to recommend the best sites for your child.

But not all kids are ready for self-study. The very reason why they need to do some extra work may be because they need someone to give them more active guidance. They need someone they can ask questions of and who can respond with patience, something that can be hard to provide in today’s full classrooms.. And many kids learn better with visuals than a wall of text, which is not easy to find in traditional textbooks.


At Meemli we offer a great solution for kids who need a little bit more than an online video or presentation, for the kids who need to discuss with a real, live person, not software, for interactive learning. Our online workshops and courses on Meemli Academy have all been carefully crafted to offer a fulfilling learning experience for pre-teens and teens (middle to high school). Best of all, they’re pressure-free and fun so your child can enjoy learning as well as de-stressing during the break. To check out available courses (with special timings) for spring break, visit our Meemli Academy page.


Spring break is not far away, so a little planning on how you and your children would like to spend it is definitely timely. Whether there’s any conscious, purposeful learning or not, we wish you and your family a refreshing vacation. And we’d love to hear about your fun activities and suggestions for the break!



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