Your child can love learning too

Want to help your child be confident and enjoy schoolwork and learning?

Meemli’s flexible options might be what you need!

Reasons to Consider Meemli

Is your child preparing for a transition to middle school or high school?
 Does your child need extra help for reading, writing or math?
 Does she or he learn better with guidance from a real person than from videos?
Are there limited resources for help where you live and where you child goes to school?
Are you homeschooling ?

If any of the above is true for your child,

take a look at what Meemli can offer!

What Meemli Offers

Meemli brings great learning experiences

to students everywhere by putting three

key components together

 A safe, online learning platform

 Custom learning materials

 A network for dedicated trained teachers

Learning from Meemli, your child can also get these additional benefits:

in subject
Skills for college/career

Parents can select any or all of these options for their child

Self-Study Courses
With Teacher Support

One-on-one Teacher
Guidance By Subject

Not sure what kind of support is best for your child?

Let our experts help you figure it out!

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