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Provide More Online Learning Options

Whether it is for during or after the pandemic, Meemli’s offerings provide superior learning experiences and guidance for your students – all online.

Meemli breaks down the barriers of distance and time, and can help schools and other non-profit learning organizations offer highly responsive online learning options for their students.

How can Meemli help ?

Meemli gives schools and youth organizations

  Effective remote learning
  Supported solutions
  Customizable options

For schools
Meemli can help schools with its platform and programs for
 Easy and effective online teaching
 Group or individual learning
 Supplemental learning
For after-school
Meemli’s programs add quality and scale to after-school activities with
 Academic support and enrichment programs
 Distance learning options for at home or onsite

Meemli Offerings

Meemli can also create custom solutions for your school or organization to be delivered on its online learning platform.

Mentor Programs:

Meemli connects trusted mentors to students to offer 1-on-1 guidance in academic or enrichment programs, making it a great option for after-school programming or an in-class learning experience.

Online Courses:

With custom learning materials, and high quality teachers, Meemli Academy offers small group or self-study courses, with teacher guidance, in targeted topics and skills that can help in after-school supplemental learning.

Learning Platform:

Meemli’s online shared learning space can easily be used by teachers to create their own learning materials, and/or leverage Meemli’s resources, to share with their students for an enhanced and effective online learning experience.

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