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Plan For The School Year Before It Starts!

The air may not be getting cooler yet, but fall is just around the corner! That means the return of football games, cable-knit sweaters, your favorite hot beverages and, for better or worse, the start of the school year.

No matter what grade you’re in, each year of high school is an important step on your path to whatever your future holds. But remember, it’s important to enjoy your journey in the meantime. The more you plan for the school year, the less stressful—and the more fun—it will be!



While it’s never too early to plan for the school year ahead, it’s never too late, either. There are plenty of things you can do, on both large and small scales, to make this year the best one yet. Time to get your prep game on!

Get Organized – and Plan for Fun!

You know that girl in your class who always has her planner perfectly color-coded? She might seem like, well, a bit much, but she’s definitely onto something—have you ever seen her turn in an assignment late? We’re guessing probably not.

You don’t have to plot out every minute of every day, but having a planner that you update consistently is a great way to keep yourself on track. Write down upcoming assignments and long-term goals, and plan for more study time than you think you need.

It’s also important to plan for fun things; if you have your activities written down alongside schoolwork, you’ll remember all the things you have to look forward to each time you update your schedule!

Pinterest has a lot of ideas to get you started on your own customized planner. Remember, this is just for you—organize it any way  you want. And if you prefer, there are many digital planners that are perfect for teens – check out our post for ideas!

Group Up On Your Studies

No matter how much you like school, there’s likely at least one subject (or two…or three) that just doesn’t grab you. Studying for something you’re not interested in personally can feel like the worst. Plan ahead and alleviate stress come test time by getting a group together.

Even if you just meet once a week for an hour, having a regular study group of peers for a class you’re not totally psyched about will make it much more bearable. You can compare notes and make sure you’re on track, so that come test time, you’re not cramming in every possible factoid at the last minute.

Can’t meet in person? There are many options (including Meemli!) to meet online – read more about getting the most out of study groups here.

Start Researching For The Future

 There are plenty of steps you can take to prep for college and your future career no matter what grade you’re in. Your path will be determined by tons of factors—where you want to go, what’s important to you and, most importantly, what you want to do. Don’t panic—there’s so much time to decide!

But the more you plan for the school year now, the better you’ll be in college and beyond. Think about the things you like; are you taking the right electives? The more you assess what you really love learning, the more you can prepare yourself for college. CollegeBoard has a great roadmap tool to help you get started wherever you are in your college prep!

Writing a College Essay?

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Thinking about the year ahead may be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember: you’re not going through this alone. If you plan for the school year even just a little, you’ll make it a lot easier on yourself when those midterms come up seemingly out of nowhere. You got this!

Have a favorite planner idea you’d like to share? Leave us a reply!



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