Learning Boosters

As the school year is about half-way through, Meemli offers middle school students select programs that boost their learning capabilities and are easy to join, fun, impactful and stress-free! Students can take them from anywhere as the programs are all online. They get to connect with trained, trusted mentors and teachers and learn with 1-to-1 guidance or in fun, small groups with other students like them. The programs cover core academic skills as well as enrichment and best of all, they’re FREE to any student!


About Our Programs

Meemli Summer learning is easy, fun and safe.



and Ease

Students can use the Meemli learning application from anywhere. All that is required is a computer and a good Internet connection, no downloads needed. And it is free!


Students get personalized guidance and support in the interactive learning environment either 1-on-1 with a trained mentor or in small groups with an experienced teacher.

Safety and

Meemli’s online learning application is not publicly searchable and personal data is not collected or sold. Contact information is private and our adult mentors and teachers are background-checked.

Learning and

The programs are developed so students can build critical skills to support their academic growth along with confidence and interest in future learning and opportunities.

Available Programs

Each program runs for one week and students can enroll in any or all of them!


Reading Comprehension

Students will learn techniques and strategies to improve their understanding of what they read and find easier to answer questions about it. Students will join a small group and get guidance from a teacher and practice techniques with personalized support.

Grades: 5-8 or equivalent

Delivery: Small group classes with a teacher

Sessions: Total 4, Monday through Thursday 4:00 – 5:00 pm Pacific time

Dates: December 19 – December 22 (Monday through Thursday)

On: Meemli learning app and Zoom

Math Word Problems

Students will learn strategies to better understand and practice solving many word problems in a small-group setting with an experienced teacher guiding them. Each student will get personalized support in handling math word problems.

Grades: 5-8 or equivalent

Delivery: Small group classes with a teacher

Sessions: Total 5, Monday through Friday 4:00 – 5:00 pm Pacific time

Dates: December 5 – December 9 (Monday through Friday)

On: Meemli learning app and Zoom

Hands-on Science 

Each student will work on hands-on, doing science experiments with the materials provided, guided by a teacher online. The goal is to increase interest and knowledge in science while enjoying doing the experiments at home. Each student will receive a science experiment kit shipped to their home.

Grades: 6-8 or equivalent

Delivery: Small group classes with a teacher

Sessions: Total 5, Monday through Friday 4:00 – 5:00 pm Pacific time

Dates: December 12 – December 16 (Monday through Friday)

On: Zoom

 Limited Availability – Sign Up Soon!

Interested? Here are the next steps:

  • We have only a few openings in each program, so please sign up as soon as possible.
  • We will get back to you by email with details on the programs you and your child have selected.
  • Once you have reviewed the details of dates, times etc. you can confirm your child’s enrollment in your selected programs.

Note: there is no cost to the student for these summer programs, but as a nonprofit working to improve education equity, we deeply appreciate any donation you wish to make to help make these programs accessible to all students!

What people are saying about Meemli

It was a really cool experience. I thought just the idea of having a teacher-mentor over the internet was way awesome.

Student, Grade 10

I learned more about the college essay and new ideas on how to write my essay better.

High School Senior, CA

The Thesis statement class was cool because it was a lot different than any other class i have ever taken and the teacher really explained things in great detail and we were able to ask any questions we had.

Grade 9, High School

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