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Summer Staycation: Having Fun Close To Home

(Parents and just about anyone can use these tips for staycations too!)

To paraphrase the great thinkers Phineas and Ferb, it can be hard to come up with enough fun things to do to fill your summer. Summer programs and classes, work commitments (for you or your parents) and the higher travel costs might make it difficult to do an extended getaway. But relaxation is an important part of any summer break, as we’ve written about here and travel does broaden the mind. Use our tips below so your summer staycation can give you the break you need as well as freshen your perspective.


Head Into The Wild

No matter where you live, nature is within reach. Hit the road and explore your local wilderness! Whether you want to feel that sense of accomplishment from climbing a mountain trail, or just want to spend the day relaxing on the beach after a hard week, heading out into nature is a great way explore your area. Additionally, spending some time outdoors comes with a host of mental and physical benefits (check out this National Geographic article for details).

But you don’t have to go to the top destination sites like Grand Canyon or Yosemite: local state parks and national wilderness areas boast some of the most spectacular views and impressive natural wonders in the country, and are frequently even cheaper to visit, especially if they are close to home. If you have a couple of days at your disposal, look into reserving a campsite for a more immersive weekend getaway. So grab some friends and look up the best local spots so you can break out the s’mores this weekend!

Embrace Your Inner Tourist

The majority of Americans now live in or near a big city, so you likely do too. The next time you get a day off, head into the city and check out some of your town’s most iconic spots and shops! If it’s too hot (or rainy) to sightsee, check out your local art, history, or science museums for a fun indoor activity. Even local schools and universities can have cool collections and events that are often free to the public. Look online to find out their student pricing, free admission days, and event schedules. Speaking of events, check ahead of time and see what’s going on near you. Cities frequently put on festivals, fairs, concert series, movie nights, and other unique events, so look online and plan your trip in advance around something fun. Also, don’t forget to take plenty of snack breaks while you’re exploring, and indulge in some delicious and insta-worthy local cuisine!

Take The Road Less Traveled 

But what if you’ve already been to all these places? Or what if the touristy spots are too crowded or expensive? No problem. Check out Atlas Obscura’s website. Atlas Obscura is an open-source guide to the hidden side of cities everywhere. Locals from cities all around the world are able to post and compile their favorite places and activities that are a bit off the beaten path. The site has sections on attractions, events, and food to make sure that you never run out of things to do and try. Choose a place or two that interests you, or maybe even pick a random number and see where it takes you!

Alternately, just ask the locals! Most people, even the barista at the local coffee shop, would be happy to share how they like to spend their weekends around town. Text some friends, pick a day, and head out into parts unknown for a real adventure.

It’s critical to take a break from your usual routine and carve out some time during your summer to relax and explore. And doing it with friends and family makes it even more enjoyable. Make a plan, gather your group, queue up your favorite summer playlist, and start your Summer Staycation! Here are a couple of songs to get that playlist started Feels like summer and Talk – what’s your favorite song of summer?


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