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High School Survival Guide – The Short Version

Are you a nervous high school freshman starting school? Or feel that even though you’ve been at your school, you still haven’t solved how to get the most out of it? High school can be stressful and terrifying if you’re new to it. But breathe easy, we have a quick and easy-to-follow high school survival guide for making this your best school year yet.



Here are our top tips to help you enjoy high school.

Get To Know People

First, get to know your peers. Even if you have friends from your old school, make new one! Work on finding good, trustworthy friends with similar values and interests as you. These friends will play a large factor in your high school life. You’ll find many study, social and extra-curricular opportunities to meet other students and get to know them.

Also, take time to get to know a few teachers and counselors too. They can help you in many ways your peers cannot, including advising you in choices you need to make and of course, during college application time.


Get Organized

Organization is not only key for high school survival, but it is a key life skill as well. Some people seem to be born organized, but the rest of us have to work at it. Luckily there are tons of helpful resources out there. It’s a no brainer that you should start with a planner and note down every “to do” (assignments, social events, sports events, everything!) as soon as you can before you forget it. School life and assignments are easier when you know what you’re supposed to be doing when.

Another tip: use your planner and your watch/smart phone to make sure you’re on time!


Stay Focused

Schoolwork should always be the number one priority. Sometimes your work may suffer if you are too distracted by extracurricular activities or just hanging out with friends too long (and let’s not forget the drama that goes on in high school!).  It’s helpful to remind yourself that your future depends on you paying attention to your academics and doing your personal best!


Take Care Of Yourself

You’ve heard all of this before: eat right, get some exercise, get enough sleep. It’s true. Your mental and emotional well being is dependent on your physical health. So take time to take care of yourself – put in time for workouts (and sleep if you need to) in your planner! And while an occasional frappe won’t kill you, keep to the healthy stuff most of the time if you want to function at peak energy.

Ask for Help When You Need it

 High school isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed out. It could be due to the workload, or people dynamics or any number of issues. There are many resources at school to help you with whatever problem you may have, plus, you have made all these friends and connections with teachers and counselors! And of course, let’s not forget that your family could help you too. What’s critical is that you don’t have to bear it all on your own – share your problems and ask for help whenever you need it.


Make Time For Fun

Don’t take high school TOO seriously now. You’ll never have an opportunity like this to be around friends while living with your family. Join extracurricular activities that suit your passions (robotics can be cool!), go cheer at that football game with your friends and be social. You’ll find the time goes faster when you’re enjoying yourself and you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.


So what’s the take-away? Focus on your priorities, but make time to enjoy the unique opportunities that high school provides you. Do you have any tips for surviving high school? Share with us!




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