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Time to Give Thanks!

Yes, we agree. Being grateful should be a daily habit, not just an annual, and thereby unfamiliar, activity. But THANKSGIVING DAY! Whatever the reason or history behind it, this is an awesome American holiday that gives us a chance to reflect and give thanks. And it doesn’t hurt that giving thanks has been proven to actually be good for you!

We at Meemli take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped (and is helping) us in our mission to bring a great learning experience to students everywhere.


The Students

We loved having the opportunity to interact with so many different students and hear about how we helped them. “Helped me make my college essay stand out” – thanks Mayrali, great to hear that! And we also deeply appreciated all the suggestions we got. “Add more emojis” – we’re working on that Gabriel!

Seriously, we’re here to make a difference to the students and not so surprisingly, they make a difference to us! We’re deeply grateful to all students who have taken a chance on something new and different like Meemli.

The Parents

Of course, there are very supportive parents behind every student who’s trying out Meemli! We are thankful that these parents see the benefit of a rich, interactive online experience for their child and are not only willing, but often encourage, their children to participate in Meemli’s offerings. We love it when parents get engaged in their kids’ education in a positive way and do our little bit for them by sharing inspiring and informational posts for parents as often as we can.

The Teachers

Ah, the teachers! Where do we start? We’re grateful to all the teachers in the schools, especially the underserved, under-resourced ones, who work so hard to make a difference. We’re honored when we can join them and reduce their burden, even just a little bit. And the many other teachers who recommend Meemli to their students who need a little extra assistance and believe that Meemli can provide the quality and care they would like – thank you for your support!

We’re also deeply thankful to all the teachers who bring their skills, experience and knowledge to help Meemli develop top-notch curricula, and the ones who deliver our interactive online classes with such ease and responsiveness. We appreciate having them participate in this creative (and challenging) process and hope they enjoy it as much as we do!

The Team

Finally, Meemli would be nowhere without the efforts of our “small team with a big heart”.

Our CEO, Usha Sekar, says. “Our team is driven by our mission. Every single person cares deeply about education and is extremely enthusiastic about our vision. This makes it so much easier to work together and get things done, even with tight resources, tight deadlines and the inevitable challenges. Corinne, Susan, Lloyd, Noël, Shelley, Alison, Tracy, Mashalle, Marcos – you’re all high on the list of what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving!”.

Technology is great and we’re ever so thankful for it (can’t forget we wouldn’t be in business without it!). But for Meemli, technology is just a tool, albeit an über-important one. At the end of the day, it is all about the people and we’re thankful to all those who welcome our work, and to all those who help us do our work successfully.

Wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!



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