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A Thanksgiving College Bound Seniors Can Enjoy

After almost three months of hard work at school, Fall Break has finally arrived for students! But at Thanksgiving college bound students can be overwhelmed by working on college applications and essays. We at Meemli know it can be difficult to stay thankful, let alone enjoy your well-deserved holiday with looming deadlines and assignments – but we can also show you how you can do both!


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There are just two simple things that you need to do to reduce stress, get your work done and also enjoy yourself.

Plan It

You’ve heard this one before – if you want to manage your stress, make a plan! Seriously, given your workload, if you want to enjoy the holiday, you have to make time for it. Start by making a schedule for your college application work and well as other schoolwork, and then add in some time to spend with your family and friends. Most importantly, schedule in some “me-time” – and don’t forget to catch up on sleep if you’re running low. Your application output will be so much better if you’re not frazzled!


Give Thanks

The best thing you can do to this holiday? Give thanks! Feeling grateful is important to not only give you perspective, but believe us, it will make you feel better too! Here are some things to appreciate a little extra this week, whether at the holiday meal or just personally, on your own.


If you’re in a position to be applying to college, consider yourself very fortunate as not every teen is able to do so. At college, you’ll have educational, social and networking opportunities that will help you in your future careers as well as life in general. You will go a long way into becoming a productive, competent adult and have fun in the process. So while the application process can be stressful, keep in mind how lucky you are to be able to go after the rewards of a college experience!


Your family has undoubtedly played a role in supporting your journey to college, and will likely continue to be part of your support network well into college. The holidays are a time to spend with family. This Thanksgiving take a moment to appreciate all that your family is doing for you, physically, mentally, emotionally and of course financially, as you prepare to go to college. Maybe it’ll inspire you to help them out a little with the cooking and cleanup too!


Applying to college can be complicated and confusing at times. Fortunately, you probably have teachers, counselors and advisors to help you navigate the murky waters of college apps. Without help, the college app process will be even more daunting. These people work hard to help you, so send them a thank-you message this Thanksgiving!


Where would you be without your friends? They can relate to your challenges during this stressful time because they’re going through it themselves. It’s not just a case of “misery loves company”, going through a shared experience with friends gives you much-needed emotional support. So take a minute to thank the friends who’re there for you!


As you probably have experienced by now, pretty much everything you need to know for applying to college can be found online  – from virtual tours of campuses, to how to fill out application forms. There are many wonderful resources that are available to you at your fingertips – can you imagine that even about 15 years ago much of the information was not readily available and “going online for help” was not a thing? Now you can find something or someone to help you in any aspect. (Check out Meemli’s expert review of your college essay to polish it up!)


Depending on where you end up going to college, you may not be able to come home for next year’s Thanksgiving, so soak in this year’s holiday as much as possible. Go ahead, make sure to give thanks, chill out, take pictures, and eat way too much!


Do you have tips for a Thanksgiving college-bound students can enjoy? Let us know! Happy Thanksgiving!



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