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The Summer Break Is Winding Down

(Parents may help their younger kids with this!)

For many students, the summer break may soon be ending with schools scheduled to re-open over the next few weeks. And the thought of winding down the summer and getting ready for school could cause anxiety and stress, enough to put a damper on the last few days/weeks of summer fun.

Much of the stress is due to simply not being prepared – not being prepared for the summer break to end and school to begin. Have you got what you wanted out of summer? Have you done what you need to make going back to school easier? It’s enough to make any student (and their parents!) feel tense enough to almost wipe out all the benefits of the summer break.


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Here’s a low stress guide to easing yourself back to the “school mode” while still getting the most out of your summer.  Kick back, relax, and take a couple of minutes to learn how to take the stress out of the last few days of summer.


You probably have some “homework” assigned that you’re expected to turn in when school reopens. And it’s going to weigh you down as long as it is still a “to-do”. Aim to get it done now, so you’re not scrambling on the last day of your break.

Almost everyone has “summer reading” requirements, which often involves more than one book. Haven’t started your reading yet? It is not too late!  Want to check your reading comprehension skills? Check them out here and if you’d like some help, we can help – get in touch!


Though technology has made huge inroads in education, we’re still not a time when you can go to school just with a laptop or tablet. If you want to make sure you get what you want, not just what’s left over and available, make time to figure out what you need and go get it so you can check it off your list. Somehow seeing a stack of notebooks and ruled paper subliminally puts you in the mood for school.

And though they’re not technically “supplies”, now’s a good time to think of clothes, shoes, athletic gear and anything else you may want for the next school year. (Fun fact: teens spend 40% of their money on clothing!) While you may not want to go overboard and get everything now (it may be smart to wait until school starts to find out what you really need and want), it will be a relief to have what you need handy instead of burrowing through your laundry basket on the first day of school.


 Was there something special you really wanted to do just for yourself this summer? Learn to play a song, or master some dance moves, get in touch with someone you really care about, have an amazing day with your best friends, cook something special for your grandma – something that would make you feel good about yourself? Even if you have only a few days left, make time to do that special thing. Make your summer memorable (and take pictures!) in a way that matters to you. It will not only help you start the new school year with an emotional boost, it will give you memories you’ll cherish for many years to come.

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Now that’s a simple enough to-do list isn’t it? It’s based on the proven concept that  choosing preparation over worrying beats stress, and everything on this list is something you can plan for, and get done, to your own schedule.

Summer break’s winding down and the school year’s almost here, but with a few easy actions you can enjoy both!



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