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Rising To The Challenge Of The COVID-19 Impact On Education

Well, 2020 definitely turned out to be more surprising and harsher than any of us could have imagined. The pandemic has disrupted lives globally, and here in the first month of the second half of the year, we, especially in the US, are not out of the woods yet. The COVID-19 impact on education has been tough to handle, for kids, parents, educators and administrators, with most schools closed and distance learning not being as smooth as they hoped. But as always, with challenges come opportunities to make a difference and we are rising to the challenge!

We at Meemli (also dealing with the challenges of staying safe during the pandemic), know we are uniquely positioned to lessen the negative  COVID-19 impact on education as we already have solutions in place. We have been working with accessible high quality student-engaged online learning for years, a little ahead of our time, but now we’re working hard to bring that experience to as many students as we can.


What We Do

Meemli knows that “learning is easier with a little help” and to improve education equity we make sure we can offer it to all students wherever they are – which we accomplish by using technology, the expertise of educators and the power of community.

    • We have an online learning space (platform) that safely and easily connects students to those who can help them – teachers and mentors.
    • Our platform was built with the specific purpose of supporting the interactions of young (middle to high school students) in a safe, private manner to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences.
    • This platform allows us to create and offer courses and programs connecting students to high quality teachers and trusted mentors to fill various learning needs.

What We Have Done So Far

Since schools shut down this spring, we have been using our online learning platform and related services to help in the following ways:

    • Remote Schooling. Provided middle school students with a highly engaging distance learning experience in science, and their teacher an easier and more effective way to deliver live teaching.
    • Mentoring. Connected young students with limited knowledge of computers to trusted mentors who guide them in a program providing a introduction to computing and careers.
    • Summer – Reading. Offered a free summer reading program (in support of Black Lives Matter) guiding middle school students through understanding the need for racial justice through reading a related book and small group discussions led by an experienced educator.
    • Summer – Science. Offered a summer science program helping middle schoolers enjoy a fun, collaborative learning experience on how climate change affects the oceans around us led by an innovative science educator.
    • Summer – Community. Provided an opportunity to young middle school students to sharpen their writing skills as well as build empathy and understanding by connecting with isolated retirees to reduce their loneliness, hear their stories and share a memoir.

How We Can Help Now

Distance learning is here to stay. Even when schools are back to being fully onsite, there are benefits to connect students in learning together with the support of various helpful sources. As we are facing the opening of the schools for the 2020-2021 school year, we can leverage our online learning platform to help in these meaningful and impactful ways:

    • For teachers looking to improve student engagement for distance learning:
      • The free use of our platform, with training and support, in providing a highly interactive learning space which can add to existing tools.
    • For schools and nonprofits working to provide supplemental academic support to their students:
      • Free access to trusted adults in professional careers who connect remotely to students and offer guidance and support in their schoolwork or learning enrichment.
    • For parents of students needing extra academic support:
      • One-on-one (or optional small group) coaching in core subjects.

Why Choose Us

Bringing about equity in education is a big task, and during the pandemic, the inequalities have become even more marked with the dependence on remote schooling and the lack of resources in low-income families. There are many solution options to fit different needs and preferences.

Meemli’s unique position:

    • Experienced in interactive, collaborative online learning for middle and high school students
    • Offers platform for teachers to enhance distance learning, or in-class collaboration
    • Helps students who need some extra support through its supplemental programs
    • Partners with organizations to provide trusted mentoring programs to students
    • Includes high quality student-centered educators and team
    • Is a nonprofit focused on education equity offering many free and affordable solutions

If you would like to know more about any of these options to help lessen Covid’s negative impact on education or just need some help for a middle/high school student and want to know what we can do, just drop us a line here – we will respond!

Meemli is committed to doing the best we can to share our tools, expertise and services to help as many students as we can to during the pandemic and beyond . Reach out to us and help us help you!


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